Block Party Badge(1)Location:  Louisiana

GIVEAWAYS – 4 Winners: 

1st prize:  FREE Book Trailer ($75 Value)

Winner:  Lizzie Chantree

2nd prize:  FREE (7) Day Blog Tour ($45 Value)

Winner:  Maurice Miller

3rd prize:  FREE (3) Day Weekend Blog Tour ($25 Value)

Winner:  John Howell

4th prize:  Ebook copy of “RAVE SOUP FOR THE WRITER’S SOUL”

Winner:  Steven Kay  (If you already have this one and would prefer another one of Nonnie’s books, that would be fine)

SPECIAL SURPRISE WIN for those who read all the way through.  Winner will be announced later today!


Welcome to 4WillsPublishing Author Services!  We are so excited to be apart of this magnificent blog tour event, RAVE REVIEWS BOOK CLUB’S BACK-TO-SCHOOL BOOK & BLOG BLOCK PARTY, but we’re even more excited to have you join us today!  C’mon in and turn up the music, while we give you a little company background.  (Get comfy, you just entered a HAPPY zone!  And if you leave without reading all the way through, you just might miss something REALLY good!)

4WillsPublishing is a company on a mission to help get more great writing out into the world. We offer author services to help market books in the best light possible, such as virtual blog tours, book trailers, honest EXPRESS book reviews, social media tweeting/sharing service, research & ghost writing, manuscript evaluations and so much more!  Unlike many companies that are popping up virtually, offering below par services in order to make a quick buck,  we are in business to help you perfect your work, not to take your money.  We offer quality, top notch services at prices that won’t break your bank….because, we’re all about being that one entity that wants the best for authors, so that they are putting only the best out into the market.  It’s no secret that the literary market is saturated with enough “junk” already, so no matter what company you decide to use, ensure that they are representing you in the best light.

Although 4WillsPublishing is owned by 4 skilled intellectuals and avid readers, only one of us is an author…any of you ever heard the name NONNIE JULES?  Nonnie loves great reads and has an innate desire to help others succeed, which is why she spends more time working to propel others and getting them recognized, than she spends marketing her own books and brand.   You need help? Ask Nonnie.  Want an honest opinion about something?  Ask Nonnie.  Support is what she does best.

Now, let us take a moment to introduce you to some of our awesome and extremely loyal Clients and their great reads.  Below the author’s name, you will find each service(s) that we have performed for them.  Many of them return to us over and over and over again. Take a look…



Book Trailer

Blog Tours


 Book Trailer

Book Cover:

3D Angel of Death*AUTHOR, RHANI D’CHAE:

Book Trailer

Blog Tours

Book Cover:

Shadow of the Drill by Rhani D'Chae 1*AUTHOR, JOHN FIORAVANTI:

 Book Trailer

Blog Tour


 Book Trailer

{Book Trailer for her 2nd release, “THE ANESTHESIA GAME,” will debut on 9/15/15}.


Book Trailer w/custom music


Book Trailer

As you can see, our trailers are of the highest caliber and they deliver in the areas they should:  1)  They tell a story, and 2) they entice viewers to want to know more about the book, and to ultimately buy the book;  two of the most important components of book trailers.  Is your book trailer serving these two main purposes?

The bulk of our business is repeat and referral business.  Our Clients know that we work hard behind the scenes to make them look good.  4WillsPublishing Clients expect professionalism, great service, great services, and great prices…we deliver on all!  Check out some of our Client Testimonials!

Many of our Clients come to us not knowing what a Virtual Blog Tour is, or the importance of having one (or many), but after booking and experiencing their own, many have shared with us their new appreciation for them.  Virtual Blog Tours are not just about selling books; they’re about name-recognition, because once the world knows who you are and begins to connect with you on new levels, the book sales will come.  Readers have to know you first, and so that’s what we offer here at 4WillsPublishing.  We get your name out there, and from that, your brand starts to build, or as they say:  from humble beginnings, empires are built.

We couldn’t list and profile ALL of our Client book trailers, book covers and blog tours here in this one little post, so we are asking that you visit OUR BOOK TRAILERS forum to take a look at our other awesome trailers.  We’re also asking that you take a moment to stop by our PAST BLOG TOURS forum, and support our Clients, who, although their virtual blog tours have ended, their books are still available for you to purchase, read and review. (If you have read all the way down this far, then you will know how important it is to leave a comment.  Those who do, and include the number #452 anywhere in their comment, gets entered into a special drawing for a $20.00 Amazon Gift Card.  Now, let’s see how many of you will read the entire post!  I’d advise you not helping anyone out here, because if you do, it lessens your chances to win!!! If you visit again and notice that your comment has been altered, that means that we’ve removed that common thing in the comment, which cheaters might start to piggy back off of;  but rest assured, we’re keeping track of the authentic ones!).  If you enjoy great reading material, visit some of these stops and be blown away by the excerpts and material you find there.

We can’t leave here today without thanking some of our awesome Clients who were not listed above, but who are just as important to us as the ones who are.  We hope that you will take a look at their work and support them in any, and every way you can.  They are:

*Authors:  Aoife Sheridan, Beth Hale, C. S. Boyack, Carol Marrs-Phipps, Chelo Ludden-Diaz (EXPRESS BOOK REVIEW), D. E. Haggerty, Ella Emerson, Harmony Kent, Jan Hawke, Jason Zandri, Jean Shorney, Jeffrey Von-GlahnJoy Nwosu Lo-Bamijoko, Lisa Mauro, Liz Gavin, Meriel Brooke (EXPRESS BOOK REVIEWS), Nicholas Rossis, Paul McDonagh (EXPRESS BOOK REVIEW), Rebecca Reilly, S. M. Spencer, & Stevie Turner (Book Trailer), just to name a few.

Since we are closing in on the end of the year when Rave Reviews Book Club recognizes the hard work of its members, if you don’t have a BOOK TRAILER yet to include in their BEST BOOK TRAILER category, we are offering you the chance to get one now!  Simply head to the BOOK TRAILERS services page and book your own.  A book trailer is one marketing tool every author should have in their marketing arsenal, and don’t you let anyone tell you any differently.  We are offering a 10% discount on all trailers booked today only, during our time as host of the block party!

WAIT!  We’re not stopping there!  We are also offering 10% off of any of our services booked today! (This includes Virtual Blog Tours).  You may get on our blog tour calendar, as so many others do, by simply clicking this link. (This is a great one-time offer, since we don’t typically discount Virtual Blog Tours!).  PLEASE NOTE:  you don’t have to go on your tour immediately, but it would be a good idea to book w/payment today while the service is discounted!

Many THANKS TO YOU for taking time out of your busy schedule to “party” with us today!  You are greatly appreciated!  If you would like to get yourself in the running for any of the awesome prizes listed above, simply leave a comment below and then cross your fingers and wait!  They really are some extremely cool, and valuable prize giveaways!

If you’re not following our  blog, please do so today, and also, we’d greatly appreciate you hitting the LIKE button before you leave.  If you are not a member of the ABSOLUTE BEST BOOK CLUB around, we invite you to see why our membership list is so extensive, and then JOIN US, so that next time you, too, can be apart of this great adventure!  It has been soooooo much fun for us all!!!

We’ll see you tomorrow, as we make another stop along the Block Party trail!  Thanks again for coming by, and we look forward to your comments below!

Tip:  Remember, you can’t be a good writer, if you don’t #READ!

Please follow the BOOK & BLOG BLOCK PARTY at each stop, by clicking here!



  1. Sorry I was late. I’m camping with limited wifi. Love the book trailers.


  2. #452 I never knew all the services you offer at 4wills. Thanks for all the super info and discount offers.


  3. if a better late than never approach applies… even if it’s way past 4:52 a.m. here (almost p.m. here , truth be told). Thanks for a great and informative post!


  4. Fun, informative post! The services I’ve received here have been great, I couldn’t be more happy with my trailer and book cover for Angel of Death. The experience level at 4Wills really helped me with my second novel and I hope to soon utilize them again for not only my third, but my first novel as well.


  5. I imagine that you’ll receive about # comments but thought I’d have a go anyway!


  6. This is a fantastic Blog! I had no idea that such services were available.


  7. These look great! I enjoyed this post and all the trailers.


  8. I recently did a blog tour and had a blast with it 😊 and I’d highly recommend a 4wills tours for any author . It’s been a great little party so far & I’m looking forward yo the rest of the stops 😊😊 oh … And # to you too 🙀🙀🙀


  9. Sorry I’m late – was out all day yesterday. Thanks for the two awesome trailers you made for my two books. Best wishes from Stevie.


  10. Hi again! Had posted # in my prior post but for some reason it got deleted except for the # sign!

    I appreciate your prior reply Nonnie. Hope my reply-to-your-reply came through earlier today (it’s showing very narrow but it was meant from the heart!


    1. Omg I don’t get it! #452 keeps disappearing from my posts! Hopefully worked the third time.


  11. Great party! Tis late, not as late as 4:52 but I have 3 little ones that will be up early! Thanks for the Intel! Great work on all the trailers! Definitely going to check out the services!👀


  12. Love the showcase of your talent! You must have #400 clients! Have a great party! These trailers entice and amaze!


  13. Couldn’t help it, had to reblog this post. 😃


  14. WOW! Look at all the people partying here! This is crazy great! What an amazing BLOCK PARTY! I’m going to step over to the bar and order my favorite drink. What’s that, you ask? Why, it’s 5 splashes of lemonade, 4 ice cubes, and 2 measures of vodka! I have to raise a toast to 4 Wills. You did a fantastic job on the JAZZ BABY book trailer. I am so proud to have that as a video representation of my work. Thank you, Nonnie and company! You are simply amazing. Best wishes to you.

    Liked by 1 person

  15. I wanted to be the #42nd post but I can’t wait any longer (I have to put my rug rats to bed). We had a birthday party for my oldest and youngest so they are hopped up on cake and ice cream. If I should survive until tomorrow, I’ll be back to read all the comments after mine.

    Great BLOCK PARTY post – looking forward to all the ones remaining and into the end of the month.


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