Book a 7-Day Blog Tour ($50) and get a 3-Day Weekend Tour ($29 Value) FREE! ($79 Total Value)



***Virtual Blog Tours
Designed by us, promoted by us.  You provide the posts for each blog. (Once tours begin, the doors may not be open each day until between 7am & 9am CT).

1-Day BOOK BLAST = $45/every 7 blogs (To book, select Blog Tours and in the comments section, tell us how many blogs you’d like to appear on, in 7 blog increments);

7-Day Tours = $50

14-Day Tours = $90

21-Day Tours = $125

30-Day tours = $160

3-Day Weekend Tour = $29

(For all “Rush” tours, which are able to be scheduled within 5-7 days and are booked outside of the 2-week requested booking time, please add an additional charge of $15 for the rush service)

To request this service, please click here!


6 thoughts on “VIRTUAL BLOG TOURS

  1. Hi I would like to schedule a 7-day blog tour but I’ll let you know the date even though my book is available on Amazon, but I need to do a minor editing. I’ll email you once KDP approves the editing.


  2. I look forward to my 7-day tour promoting my new version of Been There, Noted That with first-ever hardcover edition and new trailer on YouTube. Thanks, 4 Wills, for the hard work putting together what I know will be another successful tour.


  3. I’d like to schedule a 7-day blog tour for Legacy of Danger March 26-April 1. I hope this time is open. I may want to schedule another one for Halloween.

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  4. I would like to schedule a 7-day tour for my 36th book, So, You’re Raising Your Grandkids! from My 1st (release date) until May 7th.


  5. This is great! I’m interested in a blog tour. I’ll figure out dates and put something together. I will contact you later when I’ve figured out a date.


  6. I’d like to schedule a 7-day blog tour the last week of June 2017 for my new book release.


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