Give your books a jump on the competition in 2022.  Take them on a tour and introduce them to the world!


What sets us apart from other blog tour facilitators:

At 4WillsPub, we firmly believe that cross-promoting is the best way to go.  Simply because someone likes books in one genre, doesn’t mean that their minds are closed to other genres.  We place your tour on blogs that may fall within your genre as well as those outside of your writing genre, to introduce new audiences to your work. 

4WillsPub also crafts specially designed social media messages for your tour.  We are about so much more than just “tweeting” out or “sharing” a page.  We go the extra mile to make your tour’s social media presence stand out from all the rest.

4WillsPub creates specially designed promotional banners for your books (an extra perk with no additional charge) to be shared across all social media platforms that we utilize.

4WillsPub promotes your book across Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn social media platforms.

Looking to give your books a boost?  Schedule a 4WillsPub blog tour today!



***Virtual Blog Tours
Designed by us, promoted by us.  You provide the posts for each blog. (Once tours begin, the doors may not open each day until between 7am & 10 am CT).  All images submitted for posting to blog sites must come with proof that they are yours, or a license showing that you have the authorization for use.

1-Day BOOK BLAST = $45/every 7 blogs (To schedule, select Blog Tours and in the Comments section, tell us how many blogs you’d like to appear on, in 7 day increments);

7-Day Tours = $50

14-Day Tours = $90

21-Day Tours = $125

30-Day tours = $160

3-Day Weekend Tour = $29

(For all “Rush” tours, which are able to be scheduled within 3 – 5 days and are booked outside of the 2-week/14-day requested scheduling timeframe, there is an additional charge of $45 for the rush service).

(If we have not received your requested tour information within 7 days of your tour, there will be an additional $25 fee to reschedule your tour).

(Because we create special promo banners and tweets for each individual book going on tour, along with having to create individualized host info packages for each book, our tour prices are per book.  For each additional book that you’d like added to your tour, there is an additional $25 charge).

To request this service, please click here!


4WillsPub reserves the right to deny service to anyone or any entity without reason or explanation. 

All tours that are listed under our PAST TOURS are listed as a courtesy and not as a right.

13 thoughts on “#4WillsPub VIRTUAL #BLOG #TOURS – #RRBC @RRBC_Org

  1. Hi – wanted to see if you had any availability for the end of April – interested in the seven day blog tour for the book Lady by The River – and was hoping to have more info about it.


    1. Could I have a slot in May, please?

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I’d like to schedule a 7-Day blog tour for late in 2019. I will have my novel ready in the fall (I hope). Thank you for the opportunity.


  3. Hi I would like to schedule a 7-day blog tour. My book is currently available on Amazon, but I need to do a minor editing so I am thinking late Jan. or Feb. 2019. I’ll email you once KDP approves the editing.


  4. I will like to schedule a 7-day blog tour for my new book. Please send me your statement. I would like the tour to be sometime in January 2019.


  5. Hi I would like to schedule a 7-day blog tour but I’ll let you know the date even though my book is available on Amazon, but I need to do a minor editing. I’ll email you once KDP approves the editing.


  6. I look forward to my 7-day tour promoting my new book. Thanks, 4 Wills, for the hard work putting together what I know will be another successful tour.


  7. I’d like to schedule a 7-day blog tour for Legacy of Danger March 26-April 1. I hope this time is open. I may want to schedule another one for Halloween.

    Liked by 1 person

  8. I would like to schedule a 7-day tour for my 36th book, So, You’re Raising Your Grandkids! from My 1st (release date) until May 7th.


  9. This is great! I’m interested in a blog tour. I’ll figure out dates and put something together. I will contact you later when I’ve figured out a date.


  10. I’d like to schedule a 7-day blog tour the last week of June 2017 for my new book release.


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