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Having your manuscript, whether a novel, biography, short story, poetry, non-fiction, or even your blog posts edited and proofed before publishing, is the most invaluable decision you could ever make in your writing career.  Don’t fall into the category of writers who don’t care about the quality of the writing they publish, and who continually overload our literary horizon with trash, turning away any future audience for their books. 

In the world of books, no matter how hard you try, you will never get a second chance to make a first impression without busting your butt day and night to do so.  Publish well the first time around.  Let 4WillsPub do the work that will translate into you looking like a professional writer who only and consistently delivers the very best!


*MANUSCRIPT EVALUATION – ($75/per 1st 75 double-spaced pages;  ea additional page is $.75 cents)

A review of your manuscript, which will identify weak points and other issues to make your manuscript better BEFORE you submit to publishers, or before you spend time and money to self-publish. THIS IS NOT AN EDIT OR PROOF.  After having read your submitted manuscript pages entirely, you are presented with a summation of your work.  Although you may elect to not utilize any other services offered by 4WillsPub, a Manuscript Evaluation is invaluable from a trusted and avid reader, such as the kind you’ll get from a partner of 4WillsPub.  You want an honest opinion of your work before you introduce it to the public?  Ensure that it’s a reputable one.  Our belief is that if you can’t write a good story, you can’t very well appreciate one in the same manner as those with “trained and skilled eyes.”

*MANUSCRIPT EDITING ONLY– ($3.05/per pg/double spaced/300 word max per pg/10 pg minimum) 
We edit for style, sentence structure, sentence clarity, word choice, and tone. Our editing process entails making suggestions and changes that will greatly improve the quality of your manuscript, as well as the readability and tone. Language will be crisper, sharper and clearer.

Manuscript Editing addresses selective changes within the manuscript.  Here is what you can expect from a 4WillsPub Edit:
1) Your language use will be enhanced;
2) Errors and inconsistencies in sentences removed;
3) Sentence clarity;
4) Overall improvement of your writing (if need be), which in the end, makes for a more comfortable read for your audience.

If we find that your manuscript has surpassed the need for editing and is in need of a re-write instead, which means we are having to basically re-write the entire story to turn it into a professional, marketable and enjoyable read, we will notify you at that stage of any cost changes, so that you can determine whether or not you’d like for us to move ahead with your project.

Here are the major differences between editing and rewriting a story…

Manuscript edit (as outlined above)

Manuscript Re-write involves rearranging paragraphs, adding or deleting sentences or even whole paragraphs.  A re-write improves the quality of your writing and enhances your story greatly.  It involves the elements of word usage, spelling, grammar, punctuation and sentence structure. (Please CONTACT US for quote).

*MANUSCRIPT PROOFREADING ONLY – ($1.98/per pg/double spaced/300 word max per pg/10 pg minimum)
We proof for spelling errors and proper punctuation usage and placement.  If we feel that your manuscript is in need of an edit based on our standards, we will share that info with you in a separate communication.

Proofreading is the final check of your manuscript to ensure that it is error-free and as close to perfection as possible BEFORE you publish. Here is what you can expect from a 4WillsPub Proofread:
1) Elimination of spelling grammar and typos;
2) Proper punctuation usage;
3) Proper use of words that sound alike, but have different meanings… such as their, there and they’re;
4) Elimination of inconsistent terminology. (i.e. If you begin your story using the salutation ‘Miss’ for a particular character, all throughout your manuscript when referring to that character, the salutation ‘Miss’ will be used and not Ms. or Mrs.)

*MANUSCRIPT EDITING & PROOFING COMBO – (contact for pricing)

*MANUSCRIPT FORMATTING – E-book and/or Print (contact for pricing)

-Single blog post edit/proof – $15 (up to 500 words) – 48-hour turnaround
-Single blog post edit/proof – $25 (up to 1000 words) – 48-hour turnaround

-Single blog post edit/proof – $35 (up to 1500 words) – 48-hour turnaround
-Several blog posts proof/edits on one order/72-hour turnaround per 5 posts (a maximum of 5 posts) – $25/per hour
-Blog post editing/proofing package (10 blog posts per month/up to 500 words) = $125 pre-paid *$25 savings!
-Blog post editing/proofing package (10 blog posts per month/up to 1000 words) = $200 pre-paid *$50 savings!

-Blog post editing/proofing package (10 blog posts per month/up to 1500 words) = $275 pre-paid *$75 savings!


We also offer hourly rates, as well.

*Basic Copy-editing – $25 – $40/per hour at a pace of 5-10 pages
Involves reviewing and correcting text, grammar, spelling, and punctuation. We check for consistency, redundancy and the proper use of words, ensuring that the proper tense remains throughout the manuscript.


*Heavy Copy-editing – $35 – $50/per hour at a pace of 3-5 pages
A much more intensive review of your work. We include all that goes along with our Basic Copy-edit, but also adding things that might have been left out, re-writing sections of your manuscript to make it flow better, which will, in turn, make it a much better read.


Blog posts (500 – 1000 words) = 48 hours 

Short Story (5,000 – 10,000 words) = 14 – 28 days

Novella (10,001 – 40,000 words) = 6 weeks / (40,001 – 50,000) = 8 weeks

Novels (50,001 – 100,000 words) = 10 – 12 weeks 

Novels (100,00 – 300,000 words) = Contact us for turnaround

Our priority is to always complete and return manuscripts before the quoted turnaround times, but, because life does happen, we quote conservative time frames in the event of unforeseen situations (death, funerals, illness, computer crashes, etc.) that might and sometimes do arise.  The main thing to remember, is that you don’t want a rush job when you’re having your work edited and/or proofed, so plan your deadlines accordingly.


We do understand that editing/proofing can represent a significant portion of your editing budget and because of that, we are happy to offer installment payment plans to help you cover this most important expense.  Please ask us about a payment plan.


To request either or all of these services, please click HERE!

2 thoughts on “#4WillsPub #MANUSCRIPT #Editing #Proofing Services #RRBC

  1. Hi, I wasn’t sure where to leave this, so I typed in the registration form and sent in my 1000 word portion of Legacy of Danger. I’d love a total cost evaluation for possible editing, too. Thank you. You probably already have my 1000 sample.


  2. I would like to have a sample first five pages of my book looked at and then a total cost evaluation for possible editing.


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