TGMG on BN counter medDaydream's Cover from AmazonFerrasium by Wendy ScottGossip by Clara Grace WalkerThe Deadliners by Rachel MedhurstThe Last MacKlenna by Katherine L. LoganTrusting Jack by Beth HaleThe Battle For Brisingamen by Harmony KentMy GRL by John HowellAllergic To Life cover

Captured Lies by Maggie ThomPure Trash by Bette StevensLegend of the Walking Dead by Joy BamijokoThe Glade by Harmony KentFireflies by P.S. Bartlett  Miscarriage of Justice Bruce Borders BookOver My Dead Body book Cover by Bruce BordersPearseus by Nicholas Rossis Just Stay by Michelle Abbott Locked Together by Michelle Abbott1 Jazz BabySugarcoatin cover from Amazon

Sinners of Magic Book Cover Lynette CreswellHealing the Bayou by Mary Bernsen How To Get Anything You Want by Mike Nach The Power of Six by Nicholas RossisA Dead Husband by Anna Burke And The Whipperpool by Micki Peluso

Few Are Chosen by M T McGuireHow to Reach for the American Dream by Larry HyattPanama by C.S. BoyackWicked Tides by Sean KinsleyFinding Billy Battles by Ron YatesThe First Madam President by Kenneth J. KerrElf Killers by Carol Marrs PhippsThe White Queen by Charles F. BondSaving Toby by Suzanne McKenna LinkSouls A Novel by J. HinsmanRevenge by Bill WardElemental Earth by Harmony Kent




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{NOTE:  These books are not linked.  We only link books and authors that are under our direct representation or are clients utilizing our services.  4WillsPublishing makes no claim as to whether or not any of these books are good/great reads.  We can only attest to that fact for our own AuthorsThe books listed here are only listed as a courtesy to the followers of our site}.


1 thought on “OUR FRIENDS

  1. The title of my book is: A Personal Journey to the Heart of Teaching. Thanks a lot! John.


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