*Book Trailer Creation – $75.00 plus the cost of photos (if you don’t have any that would work in your story).  We use Royalty-Free Photos from and prices are as stated by them.

Creation of a beautiful trailer for your book which tells the story of your book in a 2 – 2 1/2 minute or less YouTube video. FREE music is included.

**If the trailer runs longer than 2 1/2 minutes per the client’s request, an additional charge of $30 will be billed per each additional 30-second increment.

**Once client sends back their APPROVAL confirmation, any and all requests to make changes to the trailer will be billed an additional charge of $30 for all minimal changes.

**Once trailer is complete, Client will be sent file or link so that they are able to upload to their own YouTube channel, and blog or website.  At our discretion, 4WillsPub will also post their own copy to the 4WillsPub site for its own promotional purposes.

***Music Creation for Book Trailers – $150-$200
Music created especially for your book trailer if you don’t wish for us to use FREE music from YouTube.



To request this service, please click here!

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