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In the course of editing and proofreading for our Clients, we find ourselves including a ton of teaching via side notes in various areas of writing, to help our Clients learn so they won’t make the same mistakes again and again. We have many Clients who request one-on-one time with us, to simply pick our brains to ensure that they are on the right track while writing their stories.

Because of a strong demand from our Clients to spend extra time with them, teaching them the finer points of what makes a book a great read, we are now offering WRITING COACHING – we are here to coach YOU on how to make your story(ies) better!

It’s not hard for you to find a plethora of coaches out there, boasting about all the writing degrees they have, yet in their marketing material, their blog posts, and even their own published works, you’ll quickly get the feeling that there is no way they earned those degrees… ‘more like purchased them from SELL ANYBODY A DEGREE University.’  

Here at 4WillsPublishing, you won’t hear us boasting about writing degrees, but after only one session with us, you will know that you’re in the right place and on the right track, learning how to write only the best books.  

If you’re tired of your book reviews stating that…

  • your dialogue is unrealistic
  • your book reads like a first draft
  • your book was so confusing
  • you were repetitive throughout your story
  • your writing is scattered and all over the place
  • your writing is riddled with editorial issues
  • your writing switches between past and present tense simultaneously
  • I don’t know why all these other reviews lied and said that this book was amazing… (Yep, we’ve seen that in reviews, too)

…then you need us to coach you as you write your next book, or even during the process of cleaning up your old releases.  We’re here to hold your hand throughout the entire process, allowing you to provide sections or chapters of your manuscript at a time, and then provide you with paragraph-by-paragraph/one-on-one {live} feedback on how to get it into tip top shape and ready to hit bookshelves!

We work with authors to help them develop ideas and provide feedback that actually helps to enhance and make all their future writing better! And we do this, before they publish; before they get so many horrible reviews that they are forced to take their book down and start all over again from scratch; and before they waste valuable time and money in the process. 

Why not get it right the first time? 

When we coach you, we’re not going to encourage you to keep working with us just to take your money.  (We don’t operate that way here anyway.)  We’re going to work extra hard to give you the tools so that you are able to stand on your own two feet and be recognized as the truly talented writer we know you are.  Here at 4WillsPublishing, we won’t need to hold your hand forever; once you have developed the skills you need to get past all those embarrassing issues that are being pointed out publicly in reviews of your books, you can cut us loose at any time.  When you have learned how to produce good writing, we want you to kick us to the curb!

We can assist you with your novels, short stories, memoirs, poetry books, children’s books, and more.

We have seen coaching rates as high as $300/per hour, but 4WillsPublishing has never forgotten why we were created in the first place – to ensure that all authors, even those who are not able to afford high priced literary services, have equal access to the same (if not better) top notch, QUALITY services at prices one can actually afford. 

4WillsPublishing’s Writing Coaching is billed at a minimal hourly rate.  You’re able to reserve as little as one hour, or as many hours as you would like with us.  You may reserve your slots on our calendar in advance, or whenever you get to a certain point in your writing where you need help.  

4WillsPublishing offers a FREE initial 15 minute session via Zoom, Trello or email, whichever avenue you’re comfortable with, so that you can get a feel of how the program works.  You will be asked to submit a 1 page/double-spaced/300 word max writing piece or page from a current WIP, and before your scheduled session, we will assess your writing piece thoroughly, highlight and correct the issues we find so that we are prepared to go over them with you during your session. Yes, with this FREE initial 15 minute session, you’ll be learning how to fix some of your issues right off the bat! 

If you decide that 4WillsPublishing is the right fit for you, our service is only $60/per hour, with the submission of a max of 20 manuscript pages (see above paragraph for submission requirements) per session.  The awesome thing about this one-of-a-kind program, is that you’re getting coached while having those manuscript pages edited for FREE!  

If you would like to know how to get started with our Writing Coaching to bring your writing up to a professional level, and teach you how to MAKE YOUR STORY BETTER, CONTACT US and let us know about some of the issues you’re having with your writing.  (And if you don’t know what your writing issues are, we’ll talk clarify them during our session.)  We’ll get back to you to find out when you would like to get on our coaching calendar!

Let us coach YOU into your most powerful writing ever!

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