These tours have ended but have some very useful, insightful and interesting information for readers.  These are the gifts that keep on giving!

To visit a specific author’s tour, please click on the author’s name!


A M Manay image

RWISA Author, A. M. Manay



Author, Balroop Singh


beem author pic

RWISA Author, Beem Weeks

*1Carol Marrs Phipps

Author, Carol Marrs-Phipps & Tom Phipps


Colin Guest image

Author, Colin Guest


D.L. Finn author picture (1)

Author, D. L. Finn


D. M. Cain photo

Author, D. M. Cain


Ernie close up 2

Author, Ernestine Rose

Forrest headshot 2

Author, Forrest Robert Stepnowski


Guy Worthey

Author, Guy Worthey


Head Shot 2017

Author, Gwen Plano


Harriet Hodgson photo

Author, Harriet Hodgson


1Jennifer Hinsman photoAuthor, Jennifer Hinsman


author photo

Author, John Coon


John Howell photo

Author, John Howell


Author Photo (2)Author, Joy Nwosu Lo-Bamijoko



Author Karen Glista


Karen Ingall's photo

RWISA Author, Karen Ingalls


Karl Morgan photo

Author, Karl Morgan


Laura Libricz photo

RWISA Author, Laura Libricz


Linda Mims

RWISA Author, Linda Mims



Author, Liz Cowan


miriam hurdle

Author, Miriam Hurdle


Nicholas Rossis workspaceAuthor, Nicholas Rossis


NJ Banner

RWISA Author, Nonnie Jules


Pat Guthrie

Author, Patricia Guthrie



Author, Paul DeBlassie, III


1Rebecca ReillyAuthor, Rebecca Reilly


Rhani D'Chae photoRWISA Author, Rhani D’Chae


At the Los Angeles Adventurers' Club (600)

Author, Robert Williscroft


Ron Yates

RWISA Author, Ron Yates


Shirley Slaughter photo

Author, Shirley Harris-Slaughter


Stephen Geez photo

Author, Stephen Geez



Author, Steven Neil


Susanne Leist

Author, Susanne Leist


Suzanne Burke

RWISA Author, Suzanne Burke


Vashti Q Vega photo

Author, Vashti Q. Vega


Wendy Scott1

RWISA Author, Wendy Scott

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