These tours have ended but have some very useful, insightful and interesting information for readers.  These are the gifts that keep on giving!

To visit a specific author’s tour, please click on the author’s name!


A M Manay image

Author, A. M. Manay

Aoife Profile PictureAuthor, Aoife Sheridan

1Beth HaleAuthor, Beth Hale

1C. S. BoyackAuthor, C.S. Boyack

1Carol Marrs PhippsAuthor, Carol Marrs-Phipps & Tom Phipps

D. M. Cain photo

Author, D. M. Cain

another author pic

Author, D.E. Haggerty

229729_10150177464284395_5967079_nAuthor, Ella Emerson

march14 altAuthor, Harmony Kent

1Jean Shorney photoAuthor, Jean Shorney

JASON CROPAuthor, Jason Zandri

1 Jeffrey Von GlahnAuthor, Jeffrey Von Glahn

1Jennifer Hinsman photoAuthor, Jennifer Hinsman

1John FioravantiAuthor, John Fioravanti

John Howell photo

Author, John Howell

Author Photo (2)Author, Joy Nwosu Lo-Bamijoko

Karen Ingall's photo

Author, Karen Ingalls

Kim Cox image

Author, Kim Cox

Laura Libricz photo

Author, Laura Libricz

Main Author Photo

Author, Lincoln Cole

1Lisa MauroAuthor, Lisa Mauro

Mae Clair image

Author, Mae Clair

Maurice Miller photoAuthor, Maurice G. Miller

Nicholas Rossis workspaceAuthor, Nicholas Rossis

1If Only There Was Music book coverAuthor, Nonnie Jules

Pat Guthrie

Author, Patricia Guthrie

1Rebecca ReillyAuthor, Rebecca Reilly

Rhani D'Chae photoAuthor, Rhani D’Chae


Author, Richie Gerber

SandyAuthor, S. M. Spencer

Sherilyn Powers image

Author, Sherilyn Powers

SHSlaughterAuthor, Shirley Harris-Slaughter

Stephen Geez photo

Author, Stephen Geez

Stevie Turner logoAuthor, Stevie Turner

Suzanne Burke

Author, Suzanne Burke


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