Welcome to the @4WillsPub “THANK YOU, HOSTS” Blog Tour! #Giveaway!!! #4WillsPub #RRBC

GIVEAWAY:  (1) 5-Day Blog Tour (you can never have too many of those to bring recognition and attention to your books!)


Shirley Harris-Slaughter


Welcome to the


Please join us along this 7-day tour (2 stops per day) to promote these awesome author-bloggers who tirelessly and without question host our tours!  This is our little way of saying THANK YOU to them for all they do!  We hope that you will follow along at each stop and show your support of each of the authors and their books.  If you are, or ever were a 4WillsPub Client, they have probably hosted you and your book so, let’s give some of that support back to them!  You’ll find a different author and book at each stop!  You’ll find out who when you get there! Surprise!



Monday, 7/20/20:

Blog Tour Maven

Wendy Scott

Tuesday, 7/21/20

Robbie Cheadle

Robert Fear

Wednesday, 7/22/20

Jan Sikes

Rox Burkey

Thursday, 7/23/20

Nonnie Jules

Yvette Calleiro

Friday, 7/24/20

Bette A. Stevens

Bernard Foong

Saturday, 7/25/20

Mark Bierman

Joy Nwosu Lo-Bamijoko

Sunday,  7/26/20

Maretha Botha

Thank you for dropping in to support this author today along the 4WillsPub “THANK YOU, HOSTS” Blog Tour!  We hope that you will follow along each leg of the tour to show your support! Remember, you could win a (5) Day Blog Tour of your own to promote any of your books by simply leaving a comment below!  Lastly, we ask that you please LIKE and share the page before leaving!

8 thoughts on “Welcome to the @4WillsPub “THANK YOU, HOSTS” Blog Tour! #Giveaway!!! #4WillsPub #RRBC

  1. Shirley Harris-Slaughter July 30, 2020 — 12:09 am

    Congratulations to all the hosts!


  2. Awesome tour with some great stops. Thank you.


  3. Liked and shared on Twitter.


  4. A wonderful line-up of hosts!


  5. A wonderful idea for a tour.


  6. This is a wonderful blog tour! Thank you for hosting me today. I appreciated all the support and look forward to support all these authors!


  7. How exciting! I look forward to supporting ALL of these authors on this tour! Thank you 4 Wills Publishing and Nonnie!


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