We understand how important it is to be represented in the most professional light – especially as an Indie author.  4WillsPub offers top-notch quality literary services at extremely affordable prices.  From editing and proofing services, down to book trailers and covers, don’t get caught looking like an amateur, because we’re always here, working hard to make YOU look good! 


***Marketing/Promo Banners

*Blog/Website Creation

***Book Blurbs

*Book Covers

*Book Promotion/Publicist

***Book Trailers / Video Montages

***Express Book Reviews

*Marketing Newsletters

***Manuscripts Editing/Proofing

*Minute Productions


*Media Kit Creation

***Research & Ghost Writing

***Social Media Tweeting/Sharing

***Virtual Blog Tours

***“Make My Story Better!” Writing Coaching


Open Shut-Mockup

Our designers are tops when it comes to designing covers. They work to ensure that authors who aren’t able to afford the high cost of book cover design, also have access to some of the best-designed covers in the industry.  It is said that “You shouldn’t judge a book by its cover,” but most often, we do.  (Client is responsible for the cost of photo licenses if there is a specific photo they want to be used).


Click HERE to take a look at some of our book covers.


-All rates are non-negotiable

-5% Discount for all Rave Reviews Book Club members on certain services

-Discount pricing not available on services marked with this symbol ***

-Packages available

-Clients are INVOICED via PayPal and all invoices are good from 5 days of the date listed.  No cancellations after 24 hours as we immediately begin work on projects, whether that entails corresponding with you regarding your project, booking hosts, or having sent you our request forms to get started.  (Refunds requested within 24 hours will be processed fully within 15 business days).



4WillsPub reserves the right to deny service to anyone or any entity without reason or explanation.

8 thoughts on “@4WillsPub #LITERARY SERVICES

  1. Hi, Nonnie! I hope you’re having an awesome tour day! I just want to say thank you for all you do with Rave Reviews Book Club! This month-long blog tour is a great idea. I’ve come upon so many wonderful authors! And your prizes are really awesome! ‘d love to win the book trailer. I’m still struggling with mine. I’ll meet you at the Book Club Discussion on Monday! I can’t wait!


  2. Hi 4Wills, would like to do a Trailer for “Nikki Magee”. Have a question. How is YouTube handled? Also, would like to leave open the possibility of custom music due to the nature of the book.


  3. I am interested in a blog tour for my books and/ or character. I’ve done one before utilising my main protagonist. A friend helped me. But I’m not sure of what this entails..


  4. Now that the sales price has been reduced for my book: Mirror of Our Lives: Voices of Four Igbo Women, I will like to book a number of your services. I will like to do a book trailer, I have already booked a blog tour, and will also like the express book review for this particular book.
    We may want to hold back on the blog tour until the trailer is ready. Any suggestions? Thanks


  5. First week of my Lucky Blog Tour and I’m back here to thank EVERYONE at 4WillsPublishing for their amazing jog and professionalism.
    Up to now, I not only met amazing, supportive people in the bloggers who have hosted my stops and the visitors. They form a community so devoted to helping promote one another’s books that you could not ask for a better group of cheerleaders pushing you onwards. They are called – Rave Reviews Book Club.
    Although 4WillsPublishing wisely will not promise you sales, – I believe that is, among other things, because they depend entirely on the book’s own quality and the author’s commitment to the tour – I’m here to tell you that as of this moment my book is # 4,683 on Amazon PAID KINDLE STORE. On the first day of the tour, at the beginning of the week. it was ranking 70,000 and some. You do the math.


  6. I have some questions. I published my first two indie books with two different publishing companies. They claimed to be publishers of indie books, but had tight control on my rights over the books. How will it work with you? I want to be in control of my rights to do with my books as I choose.


  7. I just joined RRBC and heard about your blog tours. I’m interested–but I’m not sure what or how blog tours work!


  8. Im more than interested. I hav 200 pgs and the requisite fee.


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