Literary Gift Cards #RRBC

You belong to a literary community, right?  What better way to gift your friends than by giving them the gift of support.  4WillsPublishing Gift Cards can be used to purchase express book reviewsblog tours, book covers, book trailers, manuscript editing and proofing, social media support or any of the other services we offer!  You don’t have to purchase the full amount of a service, but gifting towards a service truly does help.

Gift your friends and colleagues with a gift you know they need and will use!  4WillsPublishing offers gift cards in any amount!  Simply complete the form below then click the PURCHASE button.  We will deliver it for you…anytime – for any occasion!



4WillsPublishing (5)
Item: MD4W
4WillsPublishing (8)
Item: TY4W
4WillsPublishing (7)
Item: HB14W
4WillsPublishing (4)
Item: JB4W
4WillsPublishing (6)
Item: HB24W
4WillsPublishing (3)
Item: MC14W




(You will be directed to a page on the RRBC site for you to complete your purchase)

Thank you for your patronage!


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