To visit a specific author’s tour, please click on the link below the author’s photo!!

Laura Libricz photo

Author, Laura Libricz – “THE SOLDIER’S RETURN” Book Release Blog Tour, 10/1-10/7

Stephen Geez photo

Author, Stephen Geez – The “FANTASY PATCH” Blog Tour, 9/24-9/30



 Marlena Smith

RRBC & RWISA Member, Marlena Smith (TBA)

RRBC tshirt pic

RRBC & RWISA Member, Wendy Scott (TBA)

Pat Guthrie

Author, Patricia Guthrie (TBA)


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{Remember, blog tours get you noticed, and you can never go on too many because with each booked tour, you’re ALWAYS on a different blog every day!}


41 thoughts on “CURRENT EVENTS

    1. Hi J.L. Normally I don’t reply to “likes” but because this comment is dated I was surprised that anybody found it. So, hello to you and I hope you were inspired by this jumpstart your own promotional tour if you haven’t already. Thanks and Good Luck to you.


  1. Wow! I am thrilled and deeply grateful for you organising this surprise tour! And what a tour! Wow. Not often I’m speechless … but, just, WOW!
    Thanks so much 4Wills for doing this for us! This is AWESOME! 🙂 ❤


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