***Social Media Promo Service – $30/day

No time to spend online promoting your book and/or your blog site?  Not enough hours in your day to spread the word about your book’s upcoming release or sale, or your latest blog post? How would you like someone to be online promoting you, your book, and your blog site even while you’re sleeping?  Have a special promotional day planned?  We offer a Twitter/Facebook combo where you get 10/tweets & 4 Facebook shares an hour, for 6 hours per day. Weekly Packages are also available, Monday through Saturday! These are targeted, creative tweets, designed just for your book, with your purchase link to Amazon included.  Stop paying someone to just tweet the title of your book as #BoringTweetsDon’tGetNoticed… our tweets do!

Weekly Packages come with 3 FREE specially designed promo banners just for your book and/or blog site (6 days = 3 promo banners). 

Contact us for weekly and monthly rates.

Each package is for one book/blog site only.  Additional fees if you’re promoting more than one book/blog site at a time.

Single-day promos do not come with FREE promo banners.

Must request with 72 hours advance notice!

To request this service, please click HERE!

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