***EXPRESS Book Reviews – $15.00
These reviews are done within a 7-14 day window and posted to all the major forums;  Amazon, B&N, Goodreads, and if deemed worthy, also posted to the Rave Reviews Book Club site under Nonnie’s “RAVE” Reviews(Let us be extremely clear here, you ARE NOT PAYING FOR A POSITIVE REVIEW!!  You are paying for me to stop reading the book that I am currently reading for my own enjoyment, and move you up to the top of my reading list…therefore, you are paying for the service of my time.  I offer FREE reviews which you are very welcome to wait for if you so choose, but my TBR list is extensive).  My reviews come with the knowledge that your book will be given whatever rating I feel it deserves, whether that is a 5 star OR a 1 star review and you must agree to accept whatever review is given, whether you like it or not, without any retaliation or recourse.  ALL REVIEWS GIVEN ARE HONEST REVIEWS!!!!  I will not compromise my integrity or reputation by stating that a book is great when it is clearly not.)

To request this service, please click here!

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