Welcome to the “SONGS OF HEARTSTRINGS” Blog Tour! @MHurdle112 #RRBC

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Miriam has some interesting reading for you at each stop along her tour, so if you miss even one stop, you’ve missed a huge treat!



Monday, 2/25/19:

Karl Morgan

Tuesday, 2/26/19

Shirley Harris-Slaughter

Wednesday, 2/27/19

Laura Libricz

Thursday, 2/28/19

Beem Weeks

Friday, 3/1/19

Charles Jones

Saturday, 3/2/19

Stephen Geez

Sunday, 3/3/19

Patricia Guthrie

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Human being has the will power to travel through an exhausting journey, win a tough battle, and heal a deep wound. Strength from hope keeps us going until the light at the end of the tunnel is in sight and striving until the storm is over.

This poetic memoir comprises themes from the suffering through an undesirable relationship, surviving an aggressive cancer, to the happiness in true love, the joy of parenthood, and gratitude toward the Maker. Hurdle reveals the honest self-talk and reflects a heart filled with optimism, faith and trust. She illustrates the poems with her beautiful photos and paintings.

Author bio:

Miriam Hurdle is a multi-genre writer. She writes poetry, flash fiction, and short stories and memoir. Her poems are included in Letters to Gaia, Whispers and Echoes Issue 2, Whispers and Echoes Issue 3, and Outcast and More Words.

She is passionate about poetry and her favorite poets are Robert Frost with his poems “The Road Not Taken,” and Linda Pastan with her poem “To a Daughter Leaving Home.”

She is a member of PoemHunter.com, and her poetry may be read on the websites.

Music has rooted in her life. Being a soloist as a teenager led her to taking voice lessons and to have ongoing singing engagements. She continues to sing soprano in choral groups. Lyrics have a major influence in the natural flow of her melodic writing. She writes memoir in the form of poetry.

Along with her brother, she took photos when the films were black and white. Photography is still her enjoyable hobby. Drawing and painting were fun activities as a child. Her favorite was to draw a Japanese girl with big eyes, long hair, small lips and chin. She resumed drawing and watercolor painting several years ago. In her poetry collection, photos and paintings are included to illustrate the poems.

She earned a Doctorate of Education from the University of La Verne in California. After two years of rehabilitation counseling, fifteen years of public-school teaching and ten years in school district administration, she retired and enjoys life with her husband in southern California.

Contact via:

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4 thoughts on “Welcome to the “SONGS OF HEARTSTRINGS” Blog Tour! @MHurdle112 #RRBC

  1. I hope you had a great tour, Miriam. I enjoyed visiting your stops.


  2. Wishing you a fabulous blog tour, Miriam! 🙂


  3. Thank you so much for setting up the tour.

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