Welcome to the “COMES THIS TIME TO FLOAT” Blog Tour! @StephenGeez


Comes This Time To Float by Stephen Geez

Blurb:  Prepare to think as you explore these wildly disparate literary short stories by author, composer, and producer Stephen Geez. Avoiding any single genre, this collection showcases Geez’s storytelling from southern gothic to contemporary drama to coming-of-age, humor, sci-fi, and fantasy—all finessed to say something about who we are and what we seek. Some of these have been passed around enough to need a shot of penicillin, others so virgin they have never known the seductive gaze of a reader’s eyes. So when life’s currents get to pulling too hard, don’t fight it, just open the book and discover nineteen new ways of going with the flow, because NOW more than ever Comes this Time to Float.


Sunday, 3/1/20 – The Indie Joint

Monday, 3/2/20 – CoCo Wil

Tuesday, 3/3/20 – Blog Tour Maven

Wednesday, 3/4/30 – Wendy Scott

Thursday, 3/5/20 – In The Harem

Friday, 3/6/20 – MarethMB

Saturday, 3/7/20 – The Delete Key

Author, Stephen Geez

Stephen Geez Author Icon 2020 (1)

Stephen Geez grew up in the Detroit suburbs during the American-auto domination. He earned his undergraduate and master’s degrees at the University of Michigan—Ann Arbor. He retired from scripting/producing television and composing/producing television music, then expanded his small literary management firm into indie-publisher and multi-media company Fresh Ink Group. Now he works from a deck overlooking the lake in north Alabama, helping other writers share their compelling narratives with the world.

Twitter:  @StephenGeez
Instagram: StephenGeezWriter


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2 thoughts on “Welcome to the “COMES THIS TIME TO FLOAT” Blog Tour! @StephenGeez

  1. This was a fantastic tour, Stephen! You are a gifted writer, for sure! 🙂


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