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American Agony by Helen Borel


Managing pain with opioids is a science—except politics, money, and overzealous law enforcement are denying American patients the relief they so desperately need. Demonizing the best pain reliever we have leads to needless suffering, even suicides, and it drives the rise in deadly street drugs. Helen Borel gathers and presents the evidence, the intimidation, the raids of clinics, the chilling effect on those very professionals we trust to care for our loved ones and ourselves. She looks hard at the Veterans Administration, Drug Enforcement Agency, Department of Justice, and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Chapters include “The Suboxone Hoax,” “The Wrong Arms of the Law,” and “The Epidemic of Death,” plus an entire section on solutions for this widespread crisis. Read American AGONY now—or you might be the next one hurt.




Monday, 1/27/20

Wendy Scott

Tuesday, 1/28/20

Fiza Pathan

Wednesday, 1/29/20

Miriam Hurdle

Thursday, 1/30/20

Patricia Green

Friday, 1/31/20

Balroop Singh

Saturday, 2/1/20

Charles Jones

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Karl Morgan



American AGONY Author Photo

Author, Helen Borel

Dr. Helen Borel wrote poetry and played piano as a child growing up in two orphanages. She became a registered nurse, then earned her master’s in creative writing. After 18 years as a medical, psychiatric, and pharmaceutical copywriter, she published books, literary criticism, satire, and fiction. She became a doctor in psychoanalytical studies with her own website, PsychDocNYC.com. Always outspoken for the underdog, her intense research is the basis for her passionate expose of government wrongs and the legal rights pain victims must assert.

Find her at…



@BorelMedWriter or @PsychDocConnect


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4 thoughts on “Welcome to the “AMERICAN AGONY” Blog Tour! @BorelMedWriter #4WillsPub

  1. Shirley Harris-Slaughter January 30, 2020 — 12:20 am

    I cannot easily make a comment on Fiza’s tour because of the sign in. Sorry.


    1. Well, thank you for coming here to show your support, Shirley! Bright idea!


  2. Helen, your book sounds very interesting especially with today’s culture of opioid abuse.

    Enjoy your tour!


    1. Thank you so very much. I heavily-researched and wrote this book because its subject matter is a national healthcare emergency. It’s imperative that patients in pain have their usual narcotic (aka opiate or opioid) prescription medications restored and that physicians are freed from the yoke of government know-nothings – DOJ, DEA, and VA desk-sitting, paper-pushers – who at this time are, outlandishly practicing medicine. They studied medicine at the police academy? In law school?
      And American judges have got to free hundreds of wrongly-imprisoned physicians and other prescribing clinicians from jail.
      Since when is it a crime to effectively treat pain?


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