The “LEGACY OF DANGER” Tour – @paguthrie1 – #RRBC

Welcome to the “LEGACY OF DANGER” Blog Tour!

Author, Patricia Guthrie

Patricia A. Guthrie is the author of romantic suspense novels, mysteries and short stories. Her current published novels ‘IN THE ARMS OF THE ENEMY’ ‘WATERLILIES OVER MY GRAVE’ and ‘LEGACY OF DANGER’ and her short story ‘WILLED ACCIDENTS HAPPEN’ are available in online bookstores such as She also has short stories published on Amazon, Skyline Magazine and Affaire Du Coeur and non-fiction articles in the Collie Cassette and the online ‘Nature Journal.’

Guthrie is an accomplished musician: opera singer, church soloist and music teacher. After leaving the opera, Guthrie became a music therapist in a school for children with special needs and then went on to teach music in the Chicago Public School system. She resides in the Chicago area with her cat, Archie, and is visited by two feisty collies, who help her write every chance they get. Pat’s an avid animal lover and advocate.


Monday, 3/26/18

Joy Nwosu Lo-Bamijoko

Tuesday, 3/27/18

Jan Sikes

Wednesday, 3/28/18

Rhani D’Chae

Thursday, 3/29/18

Bette Stevens

Friday, 3/30/18

Karen Ingalls

Saturday, 3/31/18

Linda Mims

Sunday, 4/1/18



Contact via:

Twitter:  @paguthrie1


9 thoughts on “The “LEGACY OF DANGER” Tour – @paguthrie1 – #RRBC

  1. Thank you everyone for hosting my book LEGACY OF DANGER this week. I hope you enjoy reading it. I have one more day left on the tour, but I wanted to tell everyone, regardless whether you left a comment here, on my blog or on the hostess’ blog, I appreciate your comments.
    Cheers and have a great, productive day.


  2. Thanks for hosting my blog piece today, Bette.


  3. I thank everyone from the writers who made great comments on their blogs, but everyone who will read (and review, maybe?)the book. These comments give me an added oomph to finish my WIP and the confidence to keep going. Sometimes it’s hard.


  4. Have a great tour, Patricia! 🙂


  5. Thank you Rhani. Your blog looks great.


  6. Oh dear. I seemed to have lost the rest of the comments on Legacy. These comments are precious and helps an author get a feel for what other authors/readers think.


    1. Woops. The comments I referred to were on Jan Sikes Twitter site. Sorry.


  7. Patricia, I wish for you an amazing tour!


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