Introducing the “TIGERMAN ON TOUR” Blog Tour! @TigermanGuest

Welcome to the “TIGERMAN ON TOUR” Blog Tour!


Desperation Rules The Day by Colin Guest


When Nathan, the captain of a cargo ship, gets himself in over his head with gambling debts, he’s threatened with losing his fingers to a pair of bolt cutters.

So when he’s offered a large sum of money to allow two containers aboard his ship, he jumps at the chance. Little does he know, he’s now involved in an Iran-backed terrorist plot set to cause massive devastation in America on Independence Day.

Suddenly an accomplice in a terror attack, his situation becomes unbearably desperate. But a surprise awaits him, leading to a trail of retribution…

Tour Line-Up:

Wednesday, 8/28/19

Rita Kruger

Thursday, 8/29/19

Bernard Foong

Friday, 8/30/19

Patricia Green

Saturday, 8/31/19

Forrest Stepnowski

Sunday, 9/1/19

Beem Weeks

Monday, 9/2/19

Stefan Vucak

Tuesday, 9/3/19

Joy Nwosu Lo-Bamijoko

Author, Colin Guest

Colin Guest image

As an expat who worked in fifteen countries spread through the Middle, Far East and North Africa, Colin Guest has lived a life most only dream. He started writing after his retirement and has had nine books published, with five made into Audiobooks.

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2 thoughts on “Introducing the “TIGERMAN ON TOUR” Blog Tour! @TigermanGuest

  1. Have a wonderful tour, Colin.

    I’m working on my first fiction novel.

    Best wishes fellow writer,
    Misty Dawn Elliott


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