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In 2013, 4WillsPublishing Author Services was born out of a sincere desire to offer TOP-NOTCH services of the highest quality, to authors and writers who truly care about their image and their brand. Paying close attention to the needs of our clients, while also guiding them in areas where they may not have a clear picture of what they want, is a service we take great pride in.

We offer a multitude of literary services that cover the full gamut of the marketing needs of authors and writers.  Manuscript editing/proofing, book covers, book trailers, and blog tours, are just a few of the amazing services you will find on offer, here at 4WillsPublishing Author Services.

We’ve been serving our clients for over 5 years, which shows that we’re not some fly-by-night company that’s here today, but may not be, when you wake tomorrow.  Our clients are repeat clients and utilize our services over and over and over again.

If you’re looking for services that are TOP-NOTCH QUALITY rated, then you’ve definitely come to the right place!  If quality isn’t that important to you, I’m sure there are plenty of folks just standing in line to take your money.


Have you always dreamed of becoming a Published Author but you just didn’t know where to start?  Welcome to 4WillsPublishing! We are a full-service publishing company that WILL work for you and your best interests.  Since we are a NEW publishing house,  you have our guarantee that we WILL establish ourselves as the best in the industry, not accepting every book and author that comes along, but aligning ourselves and our brand, with only THE BEST! 

WE ARE A NO UP-FRONT FEES publishing house.  We are able to take on a limited number of Authors per year so that we’re able to devote ample attention to each author’s success.  Although we are not yet in the position to pay advances, we do see that in our very near future.  We offer a full line of services to get you published, promoted and propelled to your highest heights.  You are not just a number with us, you are our VIP client, and while we handle the business side of building your brand, you’re able to focus on your writing.  And, to make it even better, you retain all rights and control of your work when you join the 4WillsPublishing family.  

Our pricing is set so that EVERY client is able to afford access to the best, quality services, just the same as the authors with deeper pockets.  Our goal is to help YOU be the best you can be, by utilizing the services WE offer.

So that we are able to continually offer the best quality services, 4WillsPublishing takes on a limited number of clients at a time, so if you’ve seen evidence of our awesome work and you’re interested in what we do, our suggestion to you is…GET A SUBMISSION IN TO US TODAY!


No one will work harder to keep your SUCCESS WHEELS rolling than 4WillsPublishing!

Just like the wheels on a car, our strong WILLS keep you moving forward!

*Will*  defined as it applies to our business:

a) Diligent purposefulness; determination

b) Deliberate intention or wish to make happen





Children’s Books







Teen & Young Adult

and many other genres which may not be listed!

If you are an aspiring author or new author seeking representation and services that will get you where you WANT to be, please complete the contact form below.  For rates and general information, please complete the contact form below, as well.  A rep will get back to you within 24 hours.

3 thoughts on “4WillsPublishing Home

  1. I have read the information that is supplied and I found it to be extremely helpful and maybe hopeful. Thank you 4WillsPublishingAuthorServices, you give people hope.


  2. Nonnie, today’s excerpt was nothing short of riveting! I wanted to read more… and so I will! Thanks for hosting Nonnie today, Bruce!
    Bruce’s site wouldn’t let me leave a comment… doesn’t like my WordPress or my Google+ ID’s.


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