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4WillsPub appreciates our Clients so much that we have implemented a points-to-dollars system to help you save even more money when you utilize 4WillsPub for your literary service needs!

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Editing and proofing projects can become extremely costly, especially when you have so many words in your manuscript, and when you decide to write those full-length novels, but, you always want to put out the absolute best when it comes to anything you publish (that includes your book covers, book trailers, book blurbs, and more). And WE all know the quality of the literary services offered by 4WillsPub is top-of-the-line and second to none!

Now, for every $10.00 you spend with 4WillsPub, you will earn 1 point which equates to $1.00! For example, if you spend $100 with 4WillsPub, you will earn 10 points or a $10 credit to be used and applied to any literary service of your choosing! If you spend $236, you will earn a $23 credit. Go on, do the math.

Each credit earned will be based on one single purchase or one single invoice, which means we won’t be able to combine your $126 purchase you made with us on Monday, with your $4 purchase you made on Thursday, to give you that extra point. If you know that you are shooting for the maximum points-to-dollars credit, and you know that you need more than one service, go on and order them at the same time.

The great thing about, and what sets 4WillsPub’s points-to-dollars system apart from everyone else’s is that you can use your points/credits immediately on the purchases they are earned on – you will not have to wait for your very next purchase for them to be applied. For instance, if your project totals $100, you will be invoiced for only $90 unless you tell us to credit your points ($$$) to your account so that you’re building up a large bank of money to be used on a larger project later.  4WillsPub’s points-to-dollars system is like your very own savings account for all your literary needs.

To learn more about all the services offered by 4WillsPub, click HERE.

To book your next 4WillsPub project (manuscript editing/proofing, book covers, book trailers, book blurbs, blog tours, social media promotions, blog/website creation or maintenance, etc.) click HERE.

Start earning and saving today!

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